Stainless Steel Hindu Symbol for Meditation OHM or Aum Symbol Pendant

Stainless Steel Hindu Symbol for Meditation OHM or Aum Symbol Pendant
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Christian Fish Symbol or Ichthys Stainless Steel Pendant 

The Size of this Pendant:
Overall Length : 1-1/2 IN (38 mm) x Width: 1-3/16 IN (30 mm) 

Chain is not Included !!

Om or Aum is of paramount importance in Hinduism. This symbol (as seen in the image on the right) is a sacred syllable representing Brahman, the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence. Brahman, in itself, is incomprehensible; so a symbol becomes mandatory to help us realize the Unknowable. Om, therefore, represents both the unmanifest (nirguna) and manifest (saguna) aspects of God. That is why it is called pranava, to mean that it pervades life and runs through our prana or breath.


AAlthough Om symbolizes the most profound concepts of Hindu belief, it is in use daily. The Hindus begin their day or any work or a journey by uttering Om. The sacred symbol is often found at the head of letters, at the beginning of examination papers and so on. Many Hindus, as an expression of spiritual perfection, wear the sign of Om as a pendant. This symbol is enshrined in every Hindu temple premise or in some form or another on family shrines.


It is interesting to note that a newly born child is ushered into the world with this holy sign. After birth, the child is ritually cleansed and the sacred syllable Om is written on its tongue with honey. Thus right at the time of birth the syllable Om is initiated into the life of a Hindu and ever remains with him as the symbol of piety. Om is also a popular symbol used in contemporary body art and tattoos.


 The factory uses expensive metal molds and injected plastic patterns for highly detailed castings.

Then, each piece is hand filed and polished to give it a handsome finish.

Chain sold separately.

The bail on the top of the pendant fits up to a 3mm chain.