Jewish Hamsa Hand Pendant Gold Layered Charm

Jewish Hamsa Hand Pendant Gold Layered Charm


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  Jewish Hamsa Hand Pendant Gold Layered Charm
It measures about 1" L

Material: Gold-filled The hamsa (Arabic: , khamsa, lit. five, also romanized khamsa and chamsa) is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East[1] and North Africa[2]. The hamsa is often incorporated in jewelry and wall hangings, as a defense against the evil eye.[3] It is believed to originate in ancient practices associated with the Phoenicians of Carthage. [3]

Another Arabic name for the hamsa (or khamsa) is the hand of Fatima, commemorating Fatima Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.[4][5] Hamsa hands often contain an eye symbol. Depictions of the hand, the eye, or the number five in Arabic (and Berber) tradition is related to warding off the evil eye, as exemplified in the saying khamsa fi ainek ("five [fingers] in your eye").[6] Another formula uttered against the evil eye in Arabic is khamsa wa-khamis.[7]   Gold filled wears; looks and lasts like solid gold and will last a lifetime with proper care. Gold-filled jewelry is made from solid gold and filled with other metals.

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Material: Gold filled

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